How finzy works

finzy helps you invest in a new asset class by connecting you with the right borrowers. You earn monthly returns by investing in personal loans that are risk optimised

Borrowers are screened and a credit rating is assigned

Your investments are split across borrowers to reduce risks

Earn monthly returns and track your portfolio performance

Earnings are credited back to your account or reinvested based on your preference

How do I Get Started

finzy makes the entire investment process simple and user friendly. You can create your portfolio in a couple of minutes

Register yourself and submit your KYC documents

Select borrowers manually or use “finzyPRO” to create your portfolio

Invest your funds through a prepaid offline wallet or through a secured online payment gateway

Why Invest in finzy

We take care of your trust by assigning deserving credit rating to each borrower and supporting in investment, documentation, monthly collections, account reconciliation and recovery

Explore your Return on Investments

Based on our credit algorithm, borrowers are rated from A1 (low risk) to C6 (high risk). Higher the risk you are willing to take, higher are your expected returns

Invest in A category loans rated 10.99% to 15.99%

10.99 % - 15.99 %

Invest in B category loans rated 16.99% to 21.99%

16.99 % - 21.99 %

Invest in C category loans rated 22.99% to 27.99%

22.99 % - 27.99 %

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